[SOLD] Lelit Bianca espresso machine

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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22 months old. All original parts included. And packaging too.

Used 3-4 days per week and 1-3 shots per day
Super clean machine - 100% third wave water and I cleaned the water reservoir weekly and never let water sit. As even excellent water will grow bacteria that will make your espresso sour. Water cleanliness is the most important thing.

Back flushed with water on any day of usage and with cleaning fluids regularly and I always ran water through head group after each shot.

Milk steaming wand was replaced by professional with original part about 8 months ago. It works great.

Selling because I have a decent as well and decent takes up less space and 2 machines aren't needed. I have pros and cons (mostly pros) to openly share on several machines I've worked with that have a true pre infusion and I would honestly rate my 2 machines at the top of the list. I prefer both the Lelit and decent to LM pre infusion machines - which I used a lot. In the under 4k world I've also worked with the ECM machines with their "add on" pre infusion apparatus.

Happy to chat tech stuff about grinders and coffee types I've used with these machines. My Lelit has only had true light roast coffees through it - which also decrease oils that build up

I'm in Denver if you happen to be nearby and want a local deal.

917-969-9322. Text or call

Shipping costs negotiable