[SOLD] Lagom P64, silver, original unimodal SSP (EU)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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It's upgrade time. The grinder is a December 2020 batch, with the inverted (wrong way) scale numbers. Burrs are original unimodal SSP, and have probably grinded about 10-15 kg beans.

I most likely can't find all the accessories. The WDT is gone. The other stuff like catch cup and small dosing cup will accompany the grinder. The spray bottle I will keep though, unless you make a persuasive argument why I shouldn't.

The scale has been modded to invert the numbers, but the upper sticker is not tall enough to hide the numbers beneath. I can of course remove the stickers if you wish that.

There are 3 small scratches that I'm aware of. See attached photo. They're not very visible.

Price: 1400€ plus shipping. Can also be picked up or delivered by me in southern Sweden or Sjælland Denmark.