[FS] Lagom DF64 grinder w/SSP multipurpose burrs

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I have a modded, SSP burred, aligned DF64 available. I bought it used to experiment with 64 mm burrs. I've since added a vernier to make smaller and smaller adjustments. The out-of-the-box adjustment is terrible. Previous owner had seasoned and aligned it. I probably put 2 pounds, max, through it.

It has some 3D printed mods: a tilted base and a popcorn arrestor. It also has a Mythos clump breaker. I never used one without so I'm not sure how much it works or not. But no clumps or backed up chute yet. It has 2 purely cosmetic flaws (pics below). And when I was travelling the grounds catch cup was smooshed. It is cracked, but not all the way through and contains coffee properly. Will Include stock burrs as well. Price is $600 shipped via Paypal or cash in person. Mid-Michigan for a local deal.