[SOLD] La Spaziale Dream S1

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I just had this machine thoroughly examined by Chris coffee .
They replaced the main board CPU unit, some fittings and steam wand gasket, gave it a once-over to be like new.

I bought this from Chris coffee new about 7 years ago and has served me well.

This is a plumbed-in machine.
Our house has softened water and the machine has its own double inline filtered supply (OWL200).
Non-smoking household.
More pics on request.
I installed competition VST shower screens and have 1 La Spaz VST 22 gr basket included.
Also included are:

2 portafilters. Single and double spout, single has a custom wood handle.
2 Original baskets 18gr and 8 gr.
2 backflush discs, because it's too easy to lose one
4 group gaskets, 2 original and 2 silicone ( I thought I was going to use this forever )
4 original shower screens
2 Joe Frex tamper bottoms ( you have to get your own handle ) 1 flat, 1 convex
1 Stainless clover Pre tamp level
The original shipping box.
Card reader and SD card for BIOS upgrades.

Shipping will be in the neighbourhood of 100 depending of course.
Pick up if you live within an hour of Buffalo NY. Will also meet halfway.

The reason for selling since someone asked is upgraditis. I wanted to go to an E61 group head and flow control. 7 years is a good timeframe for an upgrade.

1,000 PayPal preferred.

Thank You for looking,