[SOLD] La Spaziale Dream--Fully outfitted

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The "Dream" is the culmination of a decade of steady development, resulting in compact, full-featured, reliable dual boiler machine for serious home baristas and small cafés. It remains remarkably capable even today, with PID temperature control, adjustable duration pre-infusion, volumetric dosing, fully saturated group, reliable rotary pump, touch panel control, daily and brew timers, multiple user profiles, electronic back-flushing, LED lighting in the brewing area, upgradable control software, and other custom features.

This example was purchased with custom walnut panels and portafilter handle. La Spaziale fits 53mm portafilters to all its machines, both home and commercial, arguing that the deeper coffee bed compared to the usual 56 mm resists channeling without magical implements or gestures. My experience bears this out. The $8500 Dalla Corte uses this size as well. It's the only prosumer machine I know with its own dedicated English website created by enthusiasts, s1cafe.com.

The Dream is not as dramatic in appearance as the as the large. flashier chrome and stainless double boiler machines, but its well-integrated and functional appearance grows upon one with use. At 15" tall, it fits easily under standard kitchen cabinets. It must be plumbed in, or operated with a Flojet pump, one of which is included in the package offered here.

Its reliability is legendary among espresso repairmen, as it is carefully engineered and easy to service if required and parts are readily available. I have owned this machine for three years in continuous use (3-4 doubles per day) without a hiccup. I have regularly back-flushed it with JoGlo, and it has drunk nothing other than very soft, filtered water, showing no signs of scale.

Since purchase, I've equipped it with a variety of upgrades and accessories. It comes with a total of four portafilter carriers, two with wood handles, one with rubber and chrome, one bottomless and one backup without handle. It comes with six IMS baskets, one single, four doubles, one triple and one blank single for backflushing. It has two custom tampers, one from Cafelat with walnut handle and convex face, and one custom made from desert ironwood with ebony base. The group gasket is silicone rubber, also from Cafelat. There are single and double spouts for the portafilter, an extra four-hole steaming tip, and an extra set of IMS shower screens. Finally, there are two single-dosing aluminum funnels. The software was recently updated to the latest version.

Price of the package is $1750 via PayPal including ground shipping in original boxes within CONUS. Local pickup (and demonstration) is available in Mendocino, California, with appropriate price reduction, and including two fresh Meyer lemons from my tree as shown.