[FT] La Peppina Spring Lever Machine Project

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I'll be frank, It is not in the greatest of conditions but it does work/functions. Might be fun for someone looking for a project.

I bought this on eBay a few years ago and realized just how bad I got ripped off haha. The previous owner (or few) did some...interesting...modifications that do not look great. I tried descaling it 5 times and found that it barely made a dent.

This Machine was originally 220v, but someone cut the end of the Euro plug and soldered it on a 110v plug end (yes, really), so it does not heat up very fast as you probably can guess. I got around this by heating up water in a kettle and poured it into the chamber.

They also cut one of the portafilters into the mess you see, one is left untouched.
The paint/finish under the drip tray is peeling.

There are two original single baskets and three doubles. It has the tamper from orphan espresso I believe. I did redo the gaskets but that was a while ago and probably needs new ones.

The heating element itself is fine, but the housing around it is in pretty bad shape no matter how many times I put Dezcal through it.
I should reiterate, this is most likely for a project or for parts on a better condition machine.
I would prefer local pickup in the Hudson Valley area of NY, but I can ship.

Would trade for, in order of preference, Hive Roaster or similar, unique distribution tools(58mm), or Coffee Beans.