[SOLD] La Pavoni Pre-millennium V1.4 - restored and upgraded (Europe)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Restored Pre-millennium La Pavoni V1.4. http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/lapavoni_ep.htm.

The machine is fully serviced, i.e., all gaskets (aftermarket via https://coffee-sensor.com) have been replaced, wiring was redone. Machine has been descaled. It has an additional on-off switch besides minimo-maximo button (which is prety handy imho for a gen1). A steam-extender was added for ease of steaming milk with micro-foam. and additional bottomless portafilter, shower-screen (to get a clean coffee experience), and tamper are coming with the machine. A new rubber edge was placed, and plastic drip-tray was added for ease of use.

All original parts that are replaced are sold together with the machine (If you do not like the upgrades) (lever pins that are replaced by the brass upgrade set), original steam tip and the original portafilter. There is minor rust on the lever, and few scratches on the chrome of the boiler.

I'm letting this beauty go due to an over-complete and growing collection of lever machines. I'm sending within Europe (I'm sorry not further, had a some bad experience) (additional sending costs for the seller). I'm also more than happy to learn you some usage tricks if you fancy to pick it up in Belgium!

Price: EUR 450
(Ask for additional details / photos)

I'm letting this one go for a reasonable price to another lever espresso enthusiast!