[SOLD] La Pavoni Eurobar Leva (Maryland)

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Hi Home Baristi,

I'm offering for sale my La Pavoni Eurobar Leva. I recently became a father and decided that my morning routine doesn't really have room for a vintage lever machine, so I bought a modern pump machine and that's working well for me at the moment. I'm tempted to hang on to the lever until life gets calmer again, but that could easily be 18 years. So if I can find a loving home for it now, that's probably better than it gathering dust.

The Eurobar is effectively a Professional in a nice red case and suited to heavier use. I've heard that decoupling the grouphead from the boiler helps with thermal stability, but I'm no expert. The other crucial difference to most La Pavoni is that it's plumbable: you can refill the boiler without depressurizing it and opening the top. Steam wand on the right means that it's a 1981-1983 model, according to :
http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/lapav ... ar_eng.htm

I've had this machine for about a decade, and I've done what I can to maintain it, but it will need continued TLC. Or it might make for a full restoration project if you can find the time and parts. There are several threads on HB of quality restorations. But be warned that parts will be hard to find and you might have to get creative. Specifically you should know that:
1. The original top tray and cup rail are missing, and instead the top is covered by a piece of plexiglas. Not as attractive as shiny metal, but kind of neat that you can look into the insides.
2. The previous owner modified the boiler bottom plate to accept standard domestic water heater elements. Which is obviously not great as far as originality is concerned, but it means that when you inevitably burn out a heater element, you can get a replacement from any Home Depot. With the right tools, you could probably make a new plate or find out if there are compatible parts from other la pavoni.
3. I've also never found a factory replacement for the main boiler gasket, and have simply handcut one.

Pricing this artifact is tough as they don't come up for sale that often (eBay completed items comes up empty). I've seen listings above 2K, but the two that I found on HB were each for 1200 (euros and dollars, respectively) So that seems about fair to me.
Anyways, if you're interested, make an offer.

I'm in the DC area and would greatly prefer to hand it off in person.