[SOLD] La Marzocco Portafilters, Strada/Precision Baskets

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I have some portafilters and baskets that have been gathering dust and need a new home. Everything has been cleaned (Cafiza, rinse, soap, rinse) and is ready for use. Baskets/accessories I would prefer to sell as add-ons to a portafilter. Located in Bay Area if you are local.

Portafilters (numbers match photo below, prices include shipping to CONUS):
1. $90 (SOLD) - Double Spouted - Stainless Steel - Like new portafilter and handle
2. $80 - Single Spouted - Stainless Steel - Very good, minor marks on body and like new handle
3. $70 - Single Spouted - Stainless Steel - Good, marks on body and smoother handle after some use
4. $80 (SOLD) - Bottomless - Chromed Brass - Very good, minor marks on body and like new handle
5. $70 (SOLD) - Bottomless - Chromed Brass - Good, marks on body and handle has marks (looks like it was clamped by a zip tie)

Detailed portafilter album here

Baskets and accessories ($5 add-on, $10 shipped to CONUS):
Baskets are all LM Strada/Advanced Precision/Filter X (I can barely keep up with their many renames). I believe these are LM branded VST baskets, they appear nearly identical to my VST baskets.
- 17g basket - 3 units - used, in great condition
- 14g basket - 1 unit - new in wrapper
- 7g basket (SOLD) - 1 unit - new in wrapper
- FREE as add-on - Blind basket - 1 unit - used
- FREE as add-on (SOLD) - Dosing funnel - 1 unit - used with dings on the outside (a previous owner liked to use their tamper to distribute :evil:)

Detailed accessories album here