[SOLD] La Marzocco Linea Mini // White (Atlanta)

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I am selling my La Marzocco Linea Mini (White), I originally purchased the machine new, directly from La Marzocco Home in 2015 for the OG price of $4500.

I have only ever used the suggested sources of bottled crystal geyser per LM and have made exactly two 6 oz milk drinks per day since purchased.

I have run this machine mostly at 6 bar and have been really happy with the coffee for the past 5 + years and its analog look and feel.

After replacement of a few standard maintenance rubber group gaskets over the years I have switched to a new cafelat silicon group gasket and an upgraded caffewerks mirror finish "precision" dispersion screen. These have been great additions and are quite easy to keep clean. I typically backflush twice a week with cafiza. I have replaced the vacuum breaker twice, which LM considers a maintenance item because the internals of this part stop holding after a while. This is an easy and cheap replacement ($60)

I ran into one issue in 2017- a minor slow leak behind the group that was addressed by a recommended tech from LM. Machine has been great since.

Small blemishes: There is a small fleck out of the paint on the top left of the machine and an ever so slight dip in the drip tray cover that is barely noticable (see pics).

Included with the Mini are all the original LM baskets and accesories including an extra LM water test kit, mesh screen, upgraded screen, owner's manual, LM 12oz milk pitcher, double spouted (standard) portafilter, LM plumb in kit (never used).

I'm asking for $3400, local pickup only. I am located in Atlanta but am willing to travel/meet in the middle or up to 3 hours away. If you are interested, but distance is an issue, PM me and we can try to work something out. I don't have the pallet any longer and prefer not to ship.

Thanks for your interest.