[SOLD] La Marzocco GS/3

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I'm selling my GS/3, which I bought in August 2013 from Chris' Coffee. I had Chris' Coffee install a "burn me" steam wand before shipping. I am the original owner of the machine. I am selling the machine, as I'll be moving to a new state.

I am asking $2000 for the GS/3, with the buyer doing a local pick up (Incline Village, NV).

I've used the machine lightly - about 3 espresso drinks a week. I've been using local water, which is quite soft with a TDS of 50. I've back-flushed the machine after use with a little espresso machine cleaner.

I've always used the machine with its water tank - I do not have the hoses for direct plumbing.

The machine has not needed any major repairs. I've descaled the boilers about once every 18 months with citric acid, and I have changed the portafilter gaskets, shower screen, baskets, and steam tip.

The machine is in very good cosmetic condition - if you look closely, you will see some fine scratches on the drip tray cover.

I am not aware of any mechanical issues with the machine. But this machine is 8 years old, and the drip tray vibrates a little when the pump is running. I am using this machine currently without problem.

The machines comes with the following:
  • GS/3 - serial number 3044 (Data 7/13)
  • One La Marzocco bottomless portafilter
  • One La Marzocco double portafilter
  • blind basket
  • VST 15 gm basket
  • VST 18 gm basket
I'd like to sell the machine locally - so you can check it out first. I'm selling the machine AS IS, WHERE IT IS.

I am willing to ship the machine, but packing, shipping and insurance will be at buyer's expense.

I have the original packaging - wooden pallet with cardboard top.

Price: $2000
Local pick-up: Incline Village, NV
Shipping: packed and insured at the buyer's specification and expense