[SOLD] La Marzocco GS/3 AV (Houston)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I am selling a GS/3 AV. I am the seconds and have had it about 10 months. When I got the machine it has just gone through a service at a local shop in houston. These folks replaced all the seals, descaled, added a few one way valves, replaced the LCD screen and housing and recalibrated the pressure etc. in addition a made my own hardwood side panels and had the machine powder coated black. It looks super sharp!

The previous owner had replaced :

Brain box, updated the firmware one time, and many times the water tank (it is not currently plumbed).

There are no technical or mechanical issues of which I am aware, although as one of the early ones this machine is not whisper quiet when brewing but I did remount the pump on new rubber grommets which I think make it very quite. I have only used filtered water.

Over the year i have used it for ~2 espressos or caps a day.

The following come with the machine:
* One bottomless pf
* One single pf
* blind basket
* a few LM baskets

As I use currently use it with the water tank, I do not have the hoses any more for direct plumbing. Also, it has the regular "burn me" steam arm. It came with the no-burn arm.

This machine works really well with only one small issue. Both the steam and brew pressure gauges do not reset to zero (they stay at around 2bar) when cold but as the pressure was set when it was being repaired I chose not to have them replaced. They are around $120 for two new gauges if you want to replace them. since it is 10 years old it is only for sale for sale locally in houston. I won't ship it. therefore I'm only asking $3200.

Price: $3200
Local pick-up: Houston, Texas