[SOLD] La Cimbali Junior S/1 Espresso Machine

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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  • this machine must be plumbed (or Flojet)
  • local pickup strongly recommended, the way this machine handles dosing is kinda awesome, has a bit of a learning curve
Recently rebuilt! Daily driver till earlier this year, here are a few of the improvements:
- completely descaled
- new stainless steel heat exchanger
- powder coated white
- boiler fully insulated (speeds up time to ready, less electricity to keep going)
- new shower screen and group head gasket.
- two different sets of machine legs (they change bottom clearance, 3d printed ones and the original)
- 3d printed drip tray (s prettier, will include the .stl if you're inclined)

PS: Reason for sale, have too many unused sitting around and yes, will wipe it down before sending it on its way

Specs similar to [SOLD] La Cimbali Junior S/1

Price: $689 (Includes bottomless portafilter)
Shipping: Local pickup available (DC area), otherwise buyer pays shipping via USPS.