[SOLD] Kafatek Monolith MC4 - TiN Burrs

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For sale is a recently purchased Kafatek Monolith MC4 with TiN Burrs and Wenge Wood Cap.

I received the grinder on December 9th, seasoned with 5 lbs of coffee and put an additional 2 lbs through it (approx.) drinking 2-3 daily espressos over the past 3 weeks.

I'm selling because I already own one of the earlier Monoliths that I've been using for past two years. I purchased the MC4 as an "upgrade" with intention to keep it and sell my current grinder, but my unrefined palate doesn't detect enough of a difference in the cup to justify the additional costs, so I reluctantly decided to do the "wise" thing and keep my original Monolith which I've been happy with. I'm sure if I gave it more time and/or had a more refined palate I would detect the "sweeter in the cup" differences that Denis mentions.

Grind setting has gone from 8.5 to 6.5 and believe the burrs are not yet fully broken-in (others have reported going down to the 2 to 3 range)

I will say the newer adjustment process is much improved over the original design with the screw lock and there is less retention (i.e. less taps required to clear the last remaining grinds), but I feel guilty paying more just for those benefits.

I'm asking same amount that I paid for it, not looking to make any money.

Included are all the accessories that came with the grinder: Puffer, WDT Tool, Spray Bottle, Dosing Funnel, Kafatek Sticker

Price: $2,365 + Actual Shipping. No additional cost if picked up locally (I live in Irvine, CA).
I will ship it in the box and packing material it was shipped to me in.

Price Breakdown:
TiN Burr Upgrade: $150
Wenge Cap: $65
Deposit: $700
Final Payment: $1,450
Total: $2,365

Optional: I have a brand new/unopened set of Mazzer Robur 186C Burrs that I'll include for an additional $100 (I bought them in July in anticipation of having a spare set and paid $150 for them)

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pictures.
I am passionate about espresso, its one of my main hobby's and I believe in supporting the independent designers like Kafatek and Londinium (Below is a review I did a few years ago of my Londinium R, which I also love)

Comparison: Londinium R and Izzo Alex Duetto III