[SOLD] Kafatek Monolith MC3 (Oct 2019) - Excellent Condition

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Hey there! I'm putting up my Monolith MC3 for sale. It was ordered in May 2019 and arrived in Oct 2019. It's perfectly functional and has been flawless while I've owned it (probably less than 20 lbs of coffee through it...), but we're trying to reclaim some space back in the kitchen.

MC3 options I purchased:
71mm TiN Mazzer 186C burrs, black anodized motor, funnel, body, chute (it's all black!).

The RDT sprayer, portafilter funnel, mr. puff, and WDT pick are also be included (everything I got from Denis when I received it). I also will include the leather mat that sits on the base of the grinder that TonyC (on Kafatek forums) in the UK made for me and, if interested, I have a brand new (still in box) black 58mm catch cup from Kafatek that I'd sell for an additional $45 (paid $49 + shipping, I ordered 2 but ended up only needing 1).

I paid $2,555 plus shipping for the MC3. I'd like to get $2,345 + actual shipping cost (+ins) (I live in NV). I'd prefer North American only buyers to minimize complex shipping logistics overseas with the current state of customs in various countries. Will ship in original box/packaging. If I can't fit the box with the 58mm catch cup inside the MC3 box (assuming the buyer wants it), I'll ship it separately at my own cost.

If interested, send me a PM!

Pictures below (note: I was brewing pour-over when I last set the grinder for these pictures, thus the odd setting):