[SOLD] Kafatek Monolith Max with Shuriken LM

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Selling my Monolith Max with Shuriken LM burrs. All original acessories included. I purchased it from Kafatek in 2020, original ship date was 11/9/2020, so I've had it for three years. This was the first batch that originally shipped with the Shuriken burrs. I estimate 75 pounds of coffee has been run through it in three years, but that's a pretty rough number (likely high). The grinder has performed flawless for me, and I've been very happy with it. The only issue that I had with it was that one of the magnets that hold the chute in came out. (This is a common problem with the magnet chutes) I reglued it per Denis' instructions. There is some slight glue reside around those magnets, but only slightly more than the factory glued ones, and it's not normally visible and not in the path of ground coffee. I don't see any scratches, marks or even signs of wear on the grinder itself. The dosing cup, funnel, and spray bottle show some minor wear.

I'm selling it because I bought another Kafatek grinder, which I have been using since the end of September. I was considering keeping this one, but figured that first I'd see if I can sell for a good price. If i can't, than I just might be forced to get shuriken coarse burrs and keep it for drip/pourover. :)

Happy to answer any questions or provide additional pictures. This is a premium item and not inexpensive. I want the buyer to be as happy with it as I have been for the last few years.

Buyer to pay shipping, but I have the original box and packaging and can get it shipped reasonably.