[SOLD] KafaTek Monolith Max - April 2020, SSP Red Speed 2 Burrs

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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New Max has arrived, so I'm selling my Monolith Max 110v from the April 2020 batch, and used for 0-3 drinks a day. Standard silver/black color scheme, green led, and a walnut cap. This has the SSP Red Speed 2 burrs. Will ship in the original box with all accessories as shipped from Kafatek.

Also includes an integrated bellows funnel ($115), a black leather mat that covers the base ($45) and a 3D printed distribution tool holder that clips on the side ($15).

A small mark from my portafilter on the cross bar and one very minor mark on the base where the portafilter slipped out once during grinding (before I purchased the mat). Otherwise it's in perfect shape and excellent operating condition.

Price was $3555 + $175 for my included accessories. Asking $3500. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. PayPal preferred, but can also do Venmo.