[SOLD] Kafatek Monolith Conical 2018 All-Black

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Purchased this like new Monolith Conical with almost all the upgrades about 1.5 months ago from home barista: [SOLD] Monolith Flat AND/OR Conical - Both upgraded

I've put around 7-8 lb of coffee not including the manufacturer's pre-seasoning. Drank mostly medium - dark roast. I would say it's near seasoned (10 lb recommendation).

Condition: Near perfect. No major scratches and dings. Just a small white mark and some wear on the portafilter hooks though that will happen.

Model: MCD3-110v 68mm Conical

- TiN Coated Burrs
- Black Painted Motor
- Black Anodized for Body, Funnel, Spacer, Exit Chute
- TiN Coated Portafilter Hooks

Stock Accessories included:
- WDT Tool
- Portafilter Hooks
- Distribution Tool

- Black Portafilter Funnel (2 small dings on the side)
- RDT Spray (no issues)

Changing because I'm leaning towards light roasts so I bought an EG-1.

Price Drop $2,000 -> $1,750 -> $1,550 Cash or PayPal. Located in Manhattan in NY and prefer to make a deal locally for now. Open to shipping offers but will prioritize local.

Message with any questions or concerns!