[SOLD] June 2020 Kafatek Monolith Flat SSP

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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For sale is a June 2020 Monolith Flat (all black) with SSP burrs. Mint condition, looks like new. ~35-45lbs of coffee ground. Asking $2,750.

Purchased second hand from HB back in March. Original sale here: [SOLD] Decent DE1 PRO v1.3 + Monolith Flat 2020 (North Jersey). Located in Central NJ and strongly prefer local pickup / cash, but will ship CONUS. Will drive 1-2 hours if needed to accommodate sale. Selling because I recently acquired a Monolith Max.


Grinder + Cable
RDT spray tool, WDT needle, Mr. Puff, Tall Silver Dosing Funnel
All Black (extra charge)
Black Catch Cup (extra charge)
White LED (extra charge)
Soft leather cover (extra charge)

Asking $2,750