[SOLD] Izzo Alex Heat Exchanger for Parts / Refurbishment

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Good morning all,

I have a used Izzo Alex heat exchanger machine mostly for parts for sale. $300.00

I have owned it for about 8 years, and it has worked well. A few months ago I noticed it wasn't holding pressure, and could hear a very very faint whistle from the boiler while it was turned on. Removing the top plate I believe it is a very tiny pinhole leak in a fitting weld on top of the boiler.

As replacement boilers were not readily available from a google search, I decided it was time to upgrade and replaced it with a Profitec Pro 700.

So now the Izzo Alex is sitting in my kitchen collecting dust. I was going to put some JB weld on it and see if I could get it working again, but I will leave it as is for the next tinker-er to mess around with. If you want to try and weld it, take it to a boiler shop to weld, JB weld, or otherwise strip it for any other parts you might need, then this is your machine.

To be clear, it turns on, the heating element and rotary pump work, the rest of the e61 group and mechanics work, the SSR seems still functions, etc. Lots of good parts, and you could probably fix it for 5$ in JB weld and have another machine.

Asking price is $300.00 OBO. Mostly I would like it gone and throwing it away would be a waste. Located in Alexandria VA. Would like to not ship, but willing to drive an hour to meet to sell. So Baltimore to Richmond basically.