[FS] Isomac TEA HX E61 Direct Connect

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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At the start of the pandemic, I disassembled my TEA to fully descale all components. I changed all the wiring with high temp silicone wires and rebuilt the E61 group. Shortly after I was given the opportunity to upgrade to a double boiler so the TEA was put in storage since.
It comes with a bottomless portafilter, a single one, and a Reg Barber tamper.
The machine has been modified to be directly connected to water supply and I do not have to reservoir anymore but one could easily get a reservoir and set it up to be used that way.

I am looking for $650 US plus shipping. I live 45 min. from the Canada/US border and I can easily ship from either Canada or the US.
I will build a wooden crate to ship it in to insure it will survive the journey.
You can see one picture showing how far I took it apart to refurbishe it properly.