[FS] Huky 500T

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So I've loved my Huky, but am moving on to a bigger roaster.

It includes:

1) Huky 500T
a) Solid Drum & 72 RPM Motor
b) Exchange "ET" Analog Thermometer for Digital Probe
2) Infrared Stove (Propane)
3) Exhaust Hood
4) Extra Probe (MET)
5) Extra Tray
6) Extra Fan
7) Extra Funnel
8) Phidget

Purchased in 2016. I installed a new MET probe because the first one had weird readings, and a new Gauge (I forget why, but per advice here, I think for greater detail)

I've probably roasted around 200 pounds on it. It's in very good condition, but used obviously. I will post pictures when I am over by it in my shop today.

Local pickup is easiest, obviously, but I will ship, with Insurance and Shipping cost paid by purchaser. For locals I'd throw in the quickie cart I built, but it's certainly not worth shipping.