[SOLD] Huky 500 J

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Huky 500 J for sale $1400. plus shipping. I prefer local pickup around Tulsa, OK area but I would ship.

It is bitter sweet that I am listing this roaster for sale. I learn how to roast coffee and also sell coffee with Huky 500 J.

The Huky 500 J I have include:
Huky 500 perforate drum with Analog ET and Digital BT
1) IR Stove for Propane Gas
2) Extra Fan
3) Extra Tray
4) Extra Funnel
5) Exhaust Hood
6) EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS Variable Transformer, 300 VAC Max, 0-130V Output, 3 Amp
7) Acrylic Enclosure for the 1048 and Phidget Temperature Sensor 4-Input
8) Heat resist adapter for the Exhaust Hood to vent duct.
9) Propane regulator and pipe to switch out the asian type regulator.
10) Grounded power cable to reduce noise.

Price: $1400
Shipping: Local pickup available, otherwise buyer pays shipping.