[SOLD] Higher End Espresso Tools (Decent Tamper V3, Custom WDT Tools, Decent Accessories and more)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hi All,

A few tools for sale here, some LNIB, some almost like new, and some in very good condition. All prices are USD, payment method is paypal and will be shipped from California via first class mail. If you need sooner, happy to accommodate, but will adjust shipping costs based on your request.

1.) Like new Force Tamper (58.35mm) - $200 shipped *****SOLD******

2.) Like new Decent Tamper V3 (58.45mm) - $105 shipped

3.) Like new Decent Cradle - $65 shipped *******SOLD*****************

4.) Used but like new black Decent OEM Portafilter (no basket) - $85 shipped**(if user wants, I can add a 18g IMS basket to go with this, $20 extra)

5.) Custom Handmade Wood funnel for 58mm portafilter, with notch cut for Niche Grinder - $25 shipped ********SOLD***********

Full disclosure: this had some fit issues on a DE 58mm PF, and when I used more rigorous WDT techniques it would push some fines/grinds inbetween the funnel and the PF.

6.) Custom WDT Tools - $30 each shipped

Total Package (willing to make a deal on all of it in the chances someone wants it all):