[SOLD] Hario Smart 7 V60 Auto Pourover

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

Postby coffeemmichael » Aug 04, 2018, 3:42 pm

Can't justify having three brewers

The Smart 7 is a programmable brewer that brews up to 700ml.


The nine-hole array provides an even soak of the grounds. A touchscreen interface allows you to program the number of pulses of water the grounds bed receives.

This video from Hario provides an excellent overview of the brewer's capabilities

This is by a wide margin the best single-cup brewer I've ever used

The green square on the front of the brewer is the pull tab to remove the from-the-factory plastic screen cover, I've never removed it.

Purchased July '17, it has fallen out of use as I brew one 1.2L carafe to take to work.

As this Japanese import is 100V, it has been run off of a step up/down converter to safely use in my home. Your voltage at home may vary, but I've never used it without this.


As the nature of this brewer is especially complex in its nature, I'm more than happy to answer any questions via PM.

Asking $500 $300 shipped to US