[FS] Gaggia Classic Pro with mods and accessories (SF Bay Area)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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  • Machine: Gaggia Classic Pro
  • Asking price: $380
  • Local pickup: SF Bay Area (East Bay preferred)
  • Mods: Shower Screen & Holding Plate, Group Gasket, OPV
  • Accessories: Pitcher, Tamper, Blind Basket, Bottomless Portafilter


Earlier this year we upgraded our espresso setup, so letting go of our starter kit. We bought the machine new from Whole Latte Love in January of 2020, then used it for about two years (2-4 shots per day) before retiring it. Has been thoroughly cleaned, boiler emptied, sitting in its box for a couple months now.

It was always well maintained, regularly backflushed (with Cafiza) and decalcified (with Gaggia Liquid Descaler). After more than a year the steam wand started to constantly leak water near the boiler, so I replaced it with a brand new genuine part (from Whole Latte Love).

Mods installed: Stainless Steel Shower Holding Plate, Caffewerks Silicone Group Gasket - 73 x 57 x 8mm, IMS Nanotech Shower Screen, Shades of Coffee OPV Spring Kit (9bar installed). All the original and leftover parts for these are also in the box.

Accessories coming with it: 12 Oz Rattleware Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher, 58mm Rattleware Small Round Handle Tamper, Stainless Steel Blind Filter Basket (Backflush Disc), Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter. Also, all original accessories are still included, they were never or barely used.

Overall I'd say it's in good, but used condition. Some places show normal wear and tear (e.g. the top of the drip tray), while others look brand new (e.g. the top of the machine is still shiny, like new). It comes in its original box with all of its packaging and original paperwork. It is a great starter machine, I have no regrets. Would love to find a new home for it now that we don't need it.