[FS] Gaggia Classic Pro w/Upgrades, Jack Leveler

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Up for sale is my Gaggia Classic Pro with upgrades for $400 (SOCAL ONLY) and Asso Jack Leveler for $90 (ANYWHERE U.S.)

Gaggia Classic Pro

Originally purchased in July 2020 from Whole Latte Love, the unit has been used responsibly only by myself for 1-3 shots/day, and only with reverse osmosis water treated with Third Wave Water.

I am in San Diego, California and would prefer to sell locally here. I can sell anywhere from here to Los Angeles if you could meet me half way. PM me and we can work something out on a meetup location if you're in southern California.

Some facts about the machine:

It is in immaculate condition and functionally works great with no known issues. I wiped it down after every use with a microfiber towel and routinely cleaned the group completely as well as the drip tray and let the water tank and lines dry out occasionally for cleanliness

I have installed the Mr. Shades 9 bar spring (the original as well as the other springs that come with the kit will be included in the sale). It works great and nets some excellent shots

The machine will come with all accessories and baskets I received when I purchased it. Most of them unopened/unused

The unit will come with an IMS shower screen and gasket installed (gasket installed about a week ago). The stock pieces (screen and gasket) will come with the machine. I prefer the IMS screen but you'll have the option

The machine will come with a bottomless joefrex portafilter as well as the Gaggia double spout portafilter which was barely used

The unit will come with a backflush disk. I occasionally backflushed the machine with Cafiza, probably 5 times total during my ownership but every week with just water after pulling my morning shots

The unit will come with an unused homemade WDT tool (I made a few since I had to order a large quantity of needles so you get a free one with purchase)

I have the original box and the machine will be packed up into it for sale

Asso Jack Leveler

Purchased when I bought the Gaggia, it is about a year old. It is in great shape, levels perfectly still and clicks nicely. $90 + shipping Venmo or cash (local).

PM with any questions.

kimble (original poster)

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Price updated on the Jack Leveler