[SOLD] Gaggia Classic and Baratza Vario (New Jersey)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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selling my 2011 gaggia classic and my 2014 factory refurbished baratza vario. love to get $500 for both. located in north jersey. both operate wonderfully. the vario will need to get the shims as the levers are starting to wander a bit.

I just upgraded to a niche zero and was given a new gaggia classic pro as a gift. gaggia is set to 9bar and comes with a naked portafilter along with all pieces from new. right now I can't find the spouted portafilter. vario comes with all parts from new plus tools given to me by baratza. can't remember but when it went back for a service but the burrs may have been upgraded but I can't really remember.

please feel free to ask any questions. literally just used it this morning as operated flawlessly. I see the hopper is a bit "dusty", everything will be cleaned before shipped