[SOLD] Gaggia Achille Lever Machine, needs work

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Also willing to part out if there's enough interest in specific parts.

Bought this on Ebay to fix up but have lost motivation. It is totally fixable and does currently pull shots (I capped the spots where the sightglass would be just to test the machine) but has some leaks and is missing parts here's the details of what I've done, tested etc:

Machine heats up just fine and pulls shots just fine. Group is leaky, needs rebuild. Missing sight glass tube (does include the outer plastic piece though). Missing lid. Crack in reservoir, could be epoxied or replaced. Cracked plastic on the piece that the reservoir sits in, doesn't seem to affect performance.

Missing tip on steam wand. Steam wand is leaky, I did try to rebuild to no avail. Two of the bolts that hold the boiler to the base are snapped off.

Missing portafilter, though I have some beat up Astoria portafilters that fit if that would sweeten the deal.

100 bucks plus shipping takes it all.