[FS] FreshRoast SR800: $180 + Shipping

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Update (3/3): the Phidgets setup has been sold separately and no longer available. The post and price have been updated to reflect this.

With dwindling free time (and patience) I have decided to end my foray into home roasting. So, I'm looking to off load my FreshRoast SR800, Phidgets setup, and some untouched green from Sweet Maria's.

The roaster was purchased back at the very end of June 2020; the Phidgets components were purchased in late July 2020, and the green was purchased in late September 2020.

What's included:
  • FreshRoast SR800
  • Spare lid for the roaster (unmodified)
  • Two Phidgets thermocouples (11cm and 20cm, 1 each)
  • VINT Hub
  • Thermocouple bridge
  • USB cable for hooking up Phidgets to a computer
Available Separately:
  • 5 lbs of Kenya Nyeri Kiruga AB (washed)
  • 5 lbs of Ethiopia Hambela Goro (natural)
  • I'm also happy to throw in an extra Hario scale and cupping trays that I have (not pictured)
What to be aware of:
  • The right half of the LED display on the roaster has shifted slightly within the housing; it's slightly crooked but doesn't affect function in any way
Price Details:
Roast Price = $180
Roast Shipping = $10-20 via USPS with insurance - price is dependent on destination (the 10 lbs of green is the killer, I estimated USPS to Ohio at $21 and to Colorado at $40)
Green Price = $45
Green Shipping = $15-20
If you happen to be local to Charlotte, NC we can negotiate a much cheaper delivery fee


Here's a photo of the slightly crooked LCD display, it's more apparent in person