[SOLD] Flair Signature PRO review machines - proceeds will be donated

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Both units were initially offered as a charity auction. This coincided with the release a version with improvements over the demo units. Thus no bids were received. This is an opportunity to own a Flair Signature PRO at a reduced price, with the proceeds funding a coffee-related donation. Asking price is $199 per unit, shipping included within the continental U.S. Reasonable offers will be considered, and I will wait a day to see if a higher offer comes in before accepting it.

Gary's Flair Signature PRO chrome: sold
Dominick's Flair Signature PRO chrome: sold


Sergio Landau, the inventor of the Flair and Flair Signature PRO espresso makers graciously donated two Flair Signature PRO espresso makers for Team HB to review. With the completion of review, we are selling both PRO demo machines to donate to an organization that helps coffee farmers. This is the thread I started to learn about such organizations when anticipating this auction. When you bid, please choose one of the organizations in that thread. If you have a different coffee-related donation in mind, please let me know.

Where can we donate to support coffee farmers?

What you will receive

Both demo units are in excellent shape. Both are the chrome version. (When I first wrote the listing I hadn't seen Dominick's photos and thought he had the black version. I just looked at his photos again and realized it's like the one I reviewed. Dominick (dominico) briefly used the Signature PRO before his day job took precedence over the review. It is also in excellent condition. (See photos below.)

Gary Signature PRO has minor scratches on the drip grate that holds espresso cups. I drilled an extra filter basket for temperature logging. An intact filter basket is included with that unit. I also drilled the center of the dispersion screen with a very small hole to thread a thin thermocouple above the coffee bed.

Dominick's Signature PRO shows little use in the espresso maker with some wear to the case. Nothing was drilled in that unit.

Here are photos from the chrome unit I reviewed:

This is actually a pretty small hole as seen in the review photo

The close-up exaggerates the scratches

Here are photos and a description of the unit Dominick started to review.

Most of the visible wear is shown on the case, a bit of scuffing on the outer case, and some gouging / imprinting on the foam in the inner case.

The actual unit and parts show minimal wear.


What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!