[SOLD] Flair Pro 2 with Extra Portafilter, Case and Lots of Extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Selling a lightly used portable Manual Espresso Machine, selling with an extra portafilter and quite a few extras. This was my first Espresso machine gently used for a few months before I absolutely had to upgrade to the Flair58 :)

The package comes with all the is included in the original purchase in addition to:
  • Carrying Case
  • Extra Portafilter (42$USD MSRP)
  • Crema Coffee Products 45.5 mm Distributer and Tamper Combo (44$USD MSRP)
  • Dosing Funnel designed for Flair 45.5 mm Portafilter (35$USD MSRP)
  • WDT Tool with Stand (15$USD MSRP)
  • Unopened Normcore Puck Screen (15$USD MSRP)
  • Puck screen holder/drying stand
  • 2 Extra sets of O-rings (16$USD MSRP)
Brand New Cost Breakdown (275 Flair + 165 in extras = $440)

Asking $275 USD + actual shipping OBO - pick up possible for local Chicago Area.