[GONE] Expobar Pulser

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Expobar Pulser. I purchased this new from Whole Latte Love I believe in 2007 and had used it nearly daily. The only maintenance needed has been a new pressurestat and grouphead gasket...until now.

It started misbehaving. The pump ran for an unusually long time on start-up rather than the usual few seconds. Only steam coming out of the water wand. Apparently, symptoms of a boiler not filling. Tech. support at WLL thinks it is likely a valve under the boiler. Now, the pump doesn't run so it's either electrical also or a new pump needed. An easy inexpensive repair I'm told.

Here's the situation: The machine has served me well and owes me nothing. I don't wish to deal with the cost or hassle of shipping and repair. I was ready to upgrade anyway so I am now the happy owner of a Lelit Bianca. I believe the Expobar potentially has a bright future giving others coffee pleasure if it had proper attention paid. And of course I don't want it to end up in the landfill prematurely.

Here's the deal: A sort of "pay it forward." If anyone would like to undertake the project of making the repairs, you may have it! I ask no $$ but I don't want it to cost me anything in the way of hassle or money to give it away. If someone wants to coordinate the packing and shipping or make a local pick-up (Vermont) we can work that out.

In the name of coffee karma, I just want to keep it alive and make someone happy. Maybe it'd be a good project to do while isolated, binge-watching reruns of "Friends" or worse.

Feel free to send me a PM to discuss further.