[SOLD] Expobar Office Lever

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Selling my Expobar Office Lever, looking for 800 local in Denver. I am not willing to ship this. Comes with Eric's grouphead thermometer, original and bottomless portafilters, backflush disk, single and double basket. Currently has the two hole tip installed but I will supply the one hole tip.
I'll throw in some generic cheap metal tamper and distributors, and a milk jug for free.

I am not sure which owner number I am. I bought this off craigslist, descaled, cleaned, and repaired it summer 2019, and replaced the shower screen and gasket. It was used well for 2-3 shots a day from July 2019 to May 2020, when it went out of use then into storage until June 2021, where I used it for 2-3 weeks until I got a londinium. The previous owner did plumb the machine in so the drip tray is drilled, but I have covered the drill hole with gorilla tape, which has been able to prevent leaking through the hole.

Edit: (Aug 14) reduced price by 100
LMWDP #666

sirknighting (original poster)
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Price reduced to 800 from 900
LMWDP #666