[FS] Expobar Brewtus II, needs work, as is (SLO California)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I have an Expobar double boiler Brewtus II I'm going to sell or part out. Would first like to try to sell to someone fairly nearby who wants to tinker with it and get it going again.

I've torn it down and cleaned up most of the parts. Probably spent 20 hours or so on it. The two boilers are removed and have had initial descaling done and was going to finish cleaning them up after removing the elements. Vibration pump tested last night and has has good output. The brew boiler element indicates high resistance, so I think it's fried. The steam boiler had good resistance, but I just tested heating water in it out of the machine and it seems shorted to the boiler, not sure if it could be resolved. (ie the boiler is energized). The elements should be removed with a 37mm impact socket. The element's can be purchased for about $75 each, if you wanted to install 220 v elements I saw them for around $105 for two. The machine's stainless is in very good condition and I've spend time cleaning it all up and a little bit of a polish. The electronic components have not been tested as I've never powered it on. The guy I got it from said the main switch was changed fairly recently, and that's about all I know of it's history before I got it. Anyway if someone needs parts to rebuilt their Brewtus, wants to get this one going again or harvest some and sell other parts, it's available.

Don't want to ship, so must be near the central coast (SLO area) of California. Depending where you live I can probably drive an hour to meet you for say $20. I have enough photos of the machine I can send for your rebuild if necessary. If you have NO experience with this type of espresso machine, it might be too much to take on and understand it all for the rebuild, it could be done though. I have mostly documented the breakdown by order of removal and could send that to help with rebuild. Some of these parts are pretty useful too if you just need some parts for projects. Price $225 which the group head and portafilter could probably be sold for. Have decided I don't really want to buy more tools to do these new projects and I've got three other small lever machines and enjoying using those, so decided to not continue with this project. Obviously "as is" and everything should be checked by a qualified technician or service if the buyer is not.