[SOLD] Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Grinder - Black

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Up for sale is my Eureka Oro Single Dose grinder. I purchased it new Feb 2022 from Seattle Coffee Gear. I've put about 30lbs of beans through it and I had no problems with it. It is currently packed and ready to be shipped in the original box and packaging foam. It has all the extras that came with the machine. You will also notice that the wood cover for the Blower is broken. When it first cracked I contacted SCG and they sent me a replacement. I'm including the cracked one as well as I'm sure it can be glued and be a backup.
I'm selling this as I purchased a Lagom P64 from a member or this forum and don't need two single dose grinders.

I personally don't like grinding in a cup and then transferring to the PF so I purchased a Decent PF stand and had it stuck to the base (selling that in another listing). That with a PF funnel worked great.

$575 shipped, insured and all fees covered.