[SOLD] Eureka Mignon Specialita (Red)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Purchased: 02/2022
Serial# PL2512141035610
MAP: $649
ASKING: $349 (previously $399)
Payment method: PayPal preferred

Grinder was returned to us as buyers remorse because it was jamming. We feel the burrs may be slightly misaligned, but it works completely fine using a medium or lighter roast coffee. Dark oily coffee will likely cause similar issue.
Small scratch on front right of screen (shown in photos attached)

NOTE: If interested, please reply on here, or send a message directly to mackenzie@chriscoffee.com Do not call Chris' Coffee for more info. This is a personal sale by MacKenzie.

Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.