[SOLD] Ethiopia Hafursa Waro "Tej" Process Crown Jewel

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Honey Processed Ethiopian. No berries mentioned, just a real comfort food sounding type coffee.

CJ1317 - Ethiopia Hafursa Waro "Tej" Process Crown Jewel

- 9 minute roast time yielded flavors of "cooked peach, cantaloupe & honey nut Cheerios". Good for espresso.
- High Density. Mostly small screen size of 15/16 with less than avg moisture.
- Price is at cost + shipping. Here's the math (i'll eat the PayPal fees, just want to share) $137.50/22lbs = $6.25/lb. $8.00 Priority Mail shipping for a total of $39.25 for 5lbs on your doorstep.

(1) 5lb bags to share at cost + shipping. PM me w/shipping addy to get dialed in

Here is a snap of my first attempt of the roast which I hope to include a 22g sample of so you can brew a 12oz cup. Id hope this helps guide you in roast development & perhaps give me some feedback on how to improve:

Coffee ships professionally vac-sealed in 5mil pouches; USPS, 2-day Priority Mail Padded Envelope

Questions? lemme know..