[SOLD] EK43S Black Aligned (Minnesota)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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This unit was used in private home only 1 to 2 espressos a day, maybe a pourover here or there. Only selling because I am getting a white one to use at work.

Will include factory hopper, factory grinds tray, and the black 3d printed mini hopper seen in photos. (Does not include metal cup or other unrelated accessories in photo)

I also have a machined aluminum mini hopper I was going to keep but would sell if interested price below.

8/2018 build so was already well aligned from factory but was aligned using Titus tools by friend last year.

Will give priority to local sales. I have original packaging but as you can imagine it is still an EK :mrgreen:

shipping UPS $75 to continental USA.
$80 for a separate custom aluminum mini hopper, seen in 3rd photo.