[SOLD] ECM V-Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Looking to sell my ECM V-Titan. Purchased from WLL two years ago. Have used it pulling 3-4 shots daily. Has performed flawlessly the whole time, does what it is designed to do perfectly. Selling just because I've been traveling more for work and wanted to switched to a single dose workflow.

From WLL's product description: The ECM V-Titan 64 is a powerhouse prosumer/light commercial-level grinder with 1950's styling and a commercial-grade heart. At the core of the V-Titan are two flat, titanium-coated 64mm burrs, from which it gets its name.

In like new condition with two minor exceptions:

1) After taking these photos I realized I could have done a better job cleaning the hopper, but will resolve that before packing up for any buyer!
2) There is a crack in the base of the hopper from the first time I tried to screw it in place and didn't have the screw lined up. This is purely cosmetic and is nearly invisible when the hopper is in the machine.

The grinder retails for $1399. Asking $700 obo.