[FS] ECM Technika IV

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I am selling a used 2014 ECM Technika IV Profi switchable espresso machine. It was bought used last December and I've since gone thru the machine, cleaned it, descaled boiler, lines, upgraded the group gasket to silicone and shower screen to IMS E61200NT, gicleur to 0.5mm for improved preinfusion and reduced flow, replaced a few components to get it in good working order, vacuum breaker, o rings, etc.
I've since used it at home with RO water for making about 3 espressos per day, backflushed weekly, backflushed and cleaned shower screen with Urnex Cafiza monthly.
Machine is in good condition, it does have scratches on drip tray and cup warmer, but overall it's a great looking machine.
Includes two portafilter handles, 14 gram basket, 7 gram basket, blind basket and cleaning brush.
Asking $1500