[SOLD] ECM Synchronika w PID + 2 Bar Steam & Hundreds $ Extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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New these are $3,000 plus tax. Don't come up often for sale. Built like tanks and the joysticks are awesome. Bought a Decent 1.3 for portability.

Great shape. Couple barely visible nicks on side panel and group (pictured), cup tray area on top is slightly burnished (pictured) from use/the fiberglass oven mat I used to protect the top and the drip tray cover from use (pictured).

* ECM spouted portafilters and baskets never used
* ECM tamper never used
* Small raised cup tray never used
* Plumb/drain kit never used

Received from Clive Coffee November 2018, factory PID and 2 Bar steam.

Used for 2 shots a day for about 12 months, unused for 6 months (drained, 4 month sabbatical & 2 months since receipt of Decent). Serviced by company in Dec 2019 that takes care of machines for Huckleberry, Boxcar, Sweet Bloom, Dragonfly, etc...

Tossing in over $500 accessories to sweeten the deal. Price is the same with or without.
* 3 (S, M, L) Decent Espresso Milk Frothing jugs ($84)
* ECM bottomless portafilter ($75)
* 4 IMS E&B portafilter baskets ($160)
* IMS Group Screens ($58 competition and nanoquartz)
* Cafelat blue silicone gaskets ($20)
* Decent Espresso Simple scale (w/o calibration weight $49)
* 2 Clive shot glasses ($10)
* 2020 Synchronika chromed knobs ($65)

$2350 plus shipping on original box(es), preferred payment by Zelle, can discuss PayPal. Price non-negotiable and no trades. Continental US only. Denver Metro pickup available.