[SOLD] ECM Synchronika

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I purchased the machine in June, 2018 from Whole Latte Love. It has the newly upgraded (at the time) PID that increases the steam pressure. The joysticks had not yet been changed to the current design with the chrome tips (mine are black all black).

It has been plumbed in at my coffee bar, attached to a BWT Bestmax filter system the whole time. I have all of the original packaging and accessories, plus a bottomless portafilter. It has been used to make maybe three shots per day on average. It is in flawless condition, with the single exception (as far as I can tell) of a quarter-inch scratch on the top of the group head.

At some point there was a leak in one of the fittings that go into one of the boilers. It was easily resolved with a little teflon tape, but there is some evidence visible under the hood from where some water dripped and dried.

I am asking $2,150, plus actual shipping costs. Alternatively, local pickup in northern Colorado would be amazing.