[SOLD] ECM Synchronika plus Accessories (Brooklyn, New York)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I'm parting with my beloved ECM Synchronika with wood accents (not the panels, only joysticks and portafilter). I've had it since 2020, purchased directly from Clive Coffee. I'm parting with it only because I almost exclusively drink pour over and aeropress. Ive cleaned it biweekly and only ever put 50-75 PPM (hardness) water through it - either Poland springs in the beginning or my own mineralised water from RO'd water. The espresso machine will come the with original accessories like single and double spout portafilter. I've upgraded the shower screen to the IMS NANO QUARTZ.

I'm bundling it with espresso accessories I've purchased including:
- SWORKSDESIGN portafilter in rose gold (used less than 20 times)
- SWORKSDESIGN standard flow basket (phenomenally engineered and used less than 20 times)
- Push Tamper
- St Anthony Industries BT Wedge in walnut
- VST Precision basket
- tamping mat

I would strongly prefer local pickup or meeting at a reasonable halfway point.

I'm asking $2200 (Prev. $2500) for everything. I am open to splitting things up, but the bundle will get you the best deal!