[FS] ECM Mechanika V Slim and Niche Zero (NJ/NYC)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I will soon be moving overseas, which means I unfortunately have to sell most of my coffee setup. Machine was purchased Jan 2020 from WLL, while the grinder was purchased last year. I have used it for 1-2 shots daily and only with bottled water (Distilled + Third Wave). The grinder is the second Niche I own, so it's basically brand new (Used 15 pounds of coffee through it, at most).

Both are very well taken care of as you can hopefully tell from the pictures below.

Will include a couple extra tools/accessories (First & only owner of everything):
  • ECM Mechanika V Slim
  • Single, double and bottomless angled ECM portafilters
  • IMS nanocoated baskets and shower screen
  • ECM stainless steel polishing cloth
  • Niche Zero (Black - 120V) with original accessories
  • Acaia dosing cup (Medium)
  • Rocket Espresso stainless steel knock box
  • Original box and accessories for both machine and grinder
Local pickup in NJ/NYC

Machine w/ accessories: $1650
Niche Zero: $600
$2200 for all listed items (Retail w/ all accessories & taxes: $3100)