[SOLD] ECM Classika PID 2022 (Pittsburgh)

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ECM Classika PID Special Edition. Originally bought from Clive Coffee in October of 2022. I'm selling it after only one month of use because my wife suddenly likes espresso with milk based drinks. My original plan was based around pulling straight espresso with this machine and doing a few milk drinks per week for myself. With my wife now wanting two milk drinks per day, a dual boiler makes a lot more sense. The steam on the Classika is great, and is one of the reasons why my wife is now enjoying milk based drinks. A testament to the quality of milk that can be produced with this machine, but the work flow can get burdensome if you're making multiple milk drinks per day.

Machine is in excellent condition. It's about one month old as of this posting. I made between 3-5 shots per day. I've only used rPavlis water (distilled water with potassium bicarbonate), and each time I made a batch I would test the GH/KH, assuring the batch was made correctly. I back-flushed daily and did Cafiza cleans after four weeks. I always used a puck screen to keep the shower screen clean. The machine looks great on the counter, taking up minimal space, and pulling excellent espresso shots.

Price: $1175 or best offer

I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Willing to drive up to a few hours for a drop off / meet. Shipping is an option for an additional price.

Special edition machine comes with: same steam arm as the ECM Synchronika, same PID as the ECM Synchronika, Lever steam arm.

Accessories include: ECM double spouted portafilter, ECM bottomless portafilter, single basket, double basket, triple basket, ECM stainless steel tamper, backflush blank, group head brush, water test strip