[SOLD] ECM Barista/Technica (Seattle area)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I have an ECM Barista with some upgraded features from Technica (rotary pump, steam/how water valves). Purchased new from 1st-line Equipment (official dealer), they also carry all the parts at a discount for the machines bought from them. Selling because of migration to DE1. Located in the Seattle area, willing to drive a reasonable distance. Have no experience shipping such heavy stuff, but we could discuss it as well.

Asking: $1200

Cosmetically machine is in great shape, the only issues are some unsticking of stickers (on/off on wands and "Hot" on grouphead) and signs of wrench on steam/hot water wands (sad experience with unqualified technician).

The machine was regularly backflushed with detergent and descaled, we also have very soft water here, so no scale buildup issues.

The machine has a large stainless steel boiler with a great, carefully tuned heat exchanger. It has a rotary pump and is plumbable.
Some upgrades it has:
  • Eric's grouphead thermometer (very useful for temp surfing on HX)
  • IMS shower screen
  • Particulate filter in the water line
  • New capacitors in the Gicar brain unit (common problem with them: low-quality capacitors that dry out and brains go haywire; These were replaced with high-quality Japanese caps that should last for many years)
  • New, larger vacuum valve with better seal
  • Extra back panel (original one had a defect, so 1st Line shipped me a replacement)
  • La Marzocco 4-hole steam tip - great steam performance even on low boiler pressures (though you'd still need to up the pressure if you want drier steam)
Includes bunch of extras (see pictures):
  • single- and double-spouted portafilters
  • plenty of baskets (single and double, ugly original and some VST ones)
  • milk pitchers
  • milk thermometers
  • blind basket
  • original 2-hole steam tip
  • tamping funnel for single basket