[SOLD] Decent Espresso DE1XL 1.42 White 110v + White Niche Zero with tons of extras

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Hello- I am selling my DE1XL as well as tons of extras:
  • Bought Oct 2020, used commercially for 3 seasons
  • New AC and DC board this summer
  • New Mix and Aux Manifolds this fall
  • I bought an extra fully assembled manifold as a backup part that comes with the package
This machine is in great shape, with a couple of minor cosmetic blemishes from commercial use.

It has been used on a mobile cafe, while being countersunk the whole time. This has led to the legs rubbing against the sink over the years, which has led to small sections of wear. That said, if you planned to countersink this machine, not a problem at all! If you planned to use it countertop, it might require a little polishing and some touch ups. Pics will be posted.

In addition, there are minor tiny surface blemishes on the front mirror panel that have surfaced simply due to use and mileage. It's hard to capture these on a photo, so probably would be best to facetime if you wanted to see. In my opinion, they can likely be polished and buffed out no problem, and they truly are only noticeable if you're looking for them

The rubber protector on the steam wand has over time accumulated a light grey tint on the section where I use my hand. My guess is this is some sort of reaction to the oil from our hands over time. This could be remedied by using the protector from the extra steam wand that this comes with.

Now the extras:

Paired Equipment:
  • Niche Zero white - along with the Decent bottomless portafilter holder
  • Skale 2.0
Mods/after market parts:
  • Sworks Design spacer and diffuser with an IMS screen
  • Sworks Design water reservoir cover
  • Decent pitcher rinser
  • 3 hole wand tip, plus the v2 wand installed. Still have the v1 as a backup
  • Countersink kit
  • Drain kit
  • Catering refill kit
  • WDT rake
  • V1 Decent Tamper
  • Scott Rao's pour over basket
  • Various baskets of different dose sizes from the original "Barista Kit"
  • Three portafilters in total
  • Tamping cradle
  • V1 Dosing funnel
Retail this whole package is $7,000 all in. All together, including the Niche and Skale, I am asking $4,500. If you would like to purchase a specific part of this listing, please DM me.