[FS] Decent Espresso DE1Pro v1.42 LOWER PRICE

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I will only hold video/virtual demonstrations of the functionality of the machine if the seller requires.

Price: US$3000 plus shipping.

I purchased this DE1Pro machine around March 2022. I believe it was first purchased in November 2020 by the previous and original owner. The machine has been vetted by Decent since they contact prior owners to ensure that the machine was, in fact, sold so they can transfer over the ownership of the machine in their records.

It is a DE1Pro 1.42 with the XL Steam Wand Black V2. It's a fantastic steam wand and, unfortunately I'm not parting it out so the potential buyer doesn't have the option to lower cost by just receiving the original wand. Benefit of XL wand over original is that the steam is drier and anecdotally this makes for a nicer milk texture. I don't have experience using the original.

You can currently buy v1.42 new without the XL steam wand for C$4959 + C$1045 shipping = C$6,004.
XL Steam Wand Black V2 is C$276 + tax and $45 shipping = C$357

(see picture below)

Included with the machine:
  • One bottomless portafilter (small imperfection from using the Decent cradle unfortunately - see pic) and one 18g Decent basket. From the previous sale I received an extra IMS screen, and two brand new gaskets that will also be included. Group Head handle and steam wand wrenches are also included but not pictured.
  • The suitcase and the shipping box it came in.
  • Decent Pourover Basket
  • Original steam wand that was never used by me. Previous owner installed the XL steam wand and the three hole tip and I've used it without any issue at all since getting it in March.

LMWDP #670

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Price reduced. C$4300 and willing to ship at buyers expense.
LMWDP #670

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Bump for price reduction
LMWDP #670