[SOLD] Decent DE1XL White + Loads of Extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Less than 2 months old... I started a job as a barista and have found I am hardly using this enough to justify keeping it on my bar. I want to scale down to just a pour over setup. Everything shown in the pictures EXCEPT THE NICHE ZERO is up for grabs. I would prefer to sell as a bundle unless you're looking for just the machine itself (I'll sell the accessories after machine is gone or all together only).

The following is a list of everything included and the prices I paid for them:
DE1XL- $4,099+shipping ~$270
Plumbing Kit- $149
Drain Kit- $199
Double spout wooden portafilter- $149
Acaia Lunar- $225
Extra homemade drain tray that works worth Sheldon's Skale Adapter- $85
Sheldon's Skale2 caddy, the adapter, the Skale 2, magnetic charging cable, Grouphead spacer, and water tank cover- ~$500
Decent Knockbox- $69
Double Spouted/Bottomless Decent Portafilter Stand- $35
Decent short magnetic funnel- $75
Decent Tamping Cradle- $55
Decent v4 Tamper- $139
Tea Portafilter Head (no handle)-$90
Decent Puck Rake- $29
Asso The Jack Leveler- $139
Totals over $6,300 new. Looking for $5,500 pick up or meet up in Houston/ surrounding areas. I'm open to reasonable offers.
WDT tool stand, several microfiber towels, water filtration kit, Cafiza, Rinza, & shakers included with bundle!